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MARCH 2017


For Clincians and Families:

  • A new Mental Health Resource listing avenues for families to seek help for mental health difficulties: Mental Health Resources



For Nurses and Allied Health:

  • PENNSW will be running an education day on Paediatric Epilepsy for Nurses and allied Health Practitioners on Friday 28th April 2017.  Click on the link to view the programme and find out how to register for the event:  Paediatric Epilepsy Study for Nurses and Allied Health




For Clinicians:

  • A new section on learning and behaviour, psychopathology, and psychosocial outcomes for people with epilepy has been added under : Epilepsy and Comorbidity. 




For Families:


For Clinicians:




For clinicians:


PENNSW Website Fully Compliant with HONcode Principles:

  • The PENNSW website has just been certified by the international Health on the Net (HON) Foundation, as fully compliant with the eight HONcode Principles within their Code of Conduct for Medical and Health Websites. To find out more about the the HON Foundation and to view the eight HONcode principles, please click on the link below:




For Families:

  • A new section has been added on the Ketogenic Diet, along with some links to additional helpful resources.


For Clinicians:




For Families:


For Clinicians: