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Transition to Adult Health Care Services


Transition is the planned move from health services for children to health services for adults. Your General Paediatrician or Neurologist will usually be responsible for your medical care up to the age of 16. At this time you will need to consider transition to Adult Health Services. The process of transition may start earlier than 16 years to ensure a smooth transition over an extended period and should be completed by the age of 18. You may be referred to your General Practitioner or an Adult Neurologist. Please discuss this process with your treating Doctor.



There are two different agencies in NSW that have been created to help adolescents transition from paediatric to adult care:


The Agency of Clinical Innovation:

  • Provides three Transition Care Coordinators across NSW who are based in adult hospitals and provide a state-wide service.
  • They can provide you with information and support (for at least 12 months) once you transfer from a paediatric to an adult health care setting.
  • They can help you find appropriate health services, provide support to help you attend your clinic appointments, and help you to stay in touch with adult health services.
  • Contacts for the Transition Care Coordinators can be found on the following website:




  • Trapeze is the specialist transition service for young people with chronic medical conditions who are known to the Sydney Children’s Hospital Network (i.e. Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick and Westmead Children’s Hospital).
  • They can assist you by helping to find a GP and arranging a GP Management Plan, providing health coaching and face-to-face support, and linking you to relevant support groups.
  • They can also provide telephone, email, and SMS reminders of your upcoming health related appointments.
  • For more information on Trapeze, you can visit their website at:





This page was created in March 2012 and last reviewed in December 2017.