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Raising Children Network -

  • A web-based resource for parenting newborns to adolescents, including a section on children with special needs.
  • Information on your child’s disability and your feelings, dealing with the reactions of others, sibling issues, services and supports, working with professionals, and disability rights and the law.
  • Discussion forum for parents to share ideas and connect with other parents of children with disabilities.



Association of Children with Disabilities NSW -

  • A parent-run association which provides information and support to parents and families who have a child with a disability or developmental delay.
  • Produces “Through the Maze” (referral, information and support handbook) and “Helping You and Your Family” (focuses on the emotional and relationship considerations that impact on the family).
  • Provides advocacy and telephone-based support and networking with parents and families.



Carers Australia -

  • National body representing carers in Australia. Works with carer associations in each state.
  • Aims to improve the health, wellbeing and resilience of carers.
  • Provides telephone support.
  • Register for “Better Start” initiative which provides funding for early intervention for children with certain conditions.



Carers NSW -

  • NSW carer organisation.
  • Aims to improve the health, wellbeing and resilience of carers.
  • Phone: 1800 242 636



Young Carers NSW -

  • Provides information for young people (under 25 years) who are carers.
  • Provides a forum for young people to have a say and share ideas which is moderated by a trained counsellor.



Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centre -

  • Information centres that provide information about support services available locally for people with disabilities, including information about respite and carer counselling programs.
  • Phone: 1800 052 052



Siblings Australia

  • Provides support for brothers and sisters of people with special needs, including people with disabilities. Provides information for parents on issues for siblings.
  • Print and web-based resources and networking opportunities for siblings.
  • A web forum for siblings only (young, teen and adult siblings).



Livewire -

  • Provides a free and safe online community for children and young people (10-21 years) with a serious illness, chronic health condition or disability. Also provides separate online communities for the siblings and parents.
  • Children, young people, siblings, and parents can connect with others in a supportive environment.




  • Web-based service that provides young people with information, support, advice and connections to help them manage a range of health issues to improve their mental health and wellbeing.
  • Aims to build the skills of young people, provide information, support and referral.
  • Moderated by trained staff.







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