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How is Epilepsy Treated?


The treatment choices for Epilepsy depend on the Epilepsy Syndrome and the severity of the seizure events.


Medication is the first line of treatment if your child has recurrent seizures. In certain syndromes such as Benign Rolandic Epilepsy, your Doctor may decide not to treat with medication. However, in the majority of cases where seizures are recurrent, medication is recommended. It is important to have a comprehensive care plan completed by your Doctor which includes an Epilepsy Medical Record, Drug Treatment Plan and First Aid Seizure Management Plan.


Being aware of issues around Safety is most important.


Seizures can be precipitated by certain lifestyle issues such as sleep deprivation or excessive alcohol consumption. All children who have had a seizure should follow some simple recommendations. Please refer to Lifestyle Issues.


















The information on this page was published in August 2014 and last reviewed in December 2017.